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2018 / HAWK, University of Applied Arts and Sciences, Hildesheim

teacher: Georg Dobler

2017 - 2019 / Goldsmithing, Art School of Buda

teachers: Noémi Gera, László Hajdu, Zoltán Egri

2015 - 2017 / Goldsmith course, Atelier Komiya, Okamoto city, Japan

teacher: Takako Komiya

2015 Oct - Dec / Titan jewelry course, Itami jewelry school, Itami, Japan

2014 Sept - Oct / Goldsmith course - Ékezet Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

2010 / MA degree in Humanities, ELTE, Budapest
(Hungarian and Italian Literature and linguistics)


Mária Roskó is a Hungarian jewelry designer currently based in Budapest. She studied jewelry making in Hungary at Art School of Buda, in Germany at HAWK Hildesheim under the tutelage of Georg Dobler, and in Japan in Atelier Komiya lead by Takako Komiya. She participated at various exhibitions in Japan, Hongkong and Europe.
Her aim is to combine traditional techniques and modern approaches to create jewelry with the sensitivity of poetism and metaphorical vision inherited from her educational background in literature. Her works are built around concepts revealing the underlying beauty of everday objects and phenomena.


Athens Jewellery Award 2019 - Art Jewellery night of BDPST

Selected artist 2019 - Tincal lab "Jewellery and Anatomy" Challenge

Selected artist 2019 - "Silver" Legnica Contemporary Jewellery Competition

Selected artist 2018 - Tincal lab "Jewellery and Technology" Challenge

Selected artist 2018 - "Illusion" Legnica Contemporary Jewellery Competition

3rd Award 2018 - Hungarian Metalsmith Competition - (Student)


2019 / A personal topography, Budapest Cultural Centre, Budapest, Hungary

2018 / Along objects, Zhao Zhou, Budapest, Hungary

2017 / IN/SIDE OUT, Sio gallery, Osaka, Japan

2012 / Faces of the world, Flowing Karasuma, Kyoto, Japan


2019/ Jewellery and Anatomy, Tincal lab, Porto, Portugal

2019 / Controls/Ctrl+S Art Jewellery Night of BDPT, Ráth György Villa

2019 / Dialogues - Polilogues, ÚjMűhely Gallery, Szentendre, Hungary

2019 / Design without borders, Bálna, Budapest, Hungary

2019 / Legnica International Contemporary Jewellery Competition, SILVER, Gallery of Art in Legnica, Poland

2018 / Jewellery and Technology, Tincal lab, Porto, Portugal

2018 / Legnica International Contemporary Jewellery Competition, ILLUSION, Gallery of Art in Legnica, Poland

2017 / KINuZOKU Contemporary jewelry exhibiton, Kredenc Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

2017 /  Art and craft fair, Museum of Kyoto, Japan

2016 / Hausie Designer Showcase & Private Sale, Espace, Hong Kong

2016 / TOK (Tree of Knowledge), Shenzhen, China

2014 / Exhibition, Salon Venelle, Tokyo Japan


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