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To the moon and back    I   a set of hand objects     bronze, patina


Photo: Zsolt Asztalos

Tutelage in silicone-mold and casting: Antal Plank


I like to think that when you get to the furthest point of technology, when you get to outer space, what do you find to bring back? Rocks!” Isamu Noguchi


The objects were made by enclosing soft clay in my palm and between my fingers which resulted in an abstract shape. Subsequently I smoothed out the surface of these clay shapes and submitted them to the time-consuming process of silicone mold making and bronze casting. The short hand gesture that was originally performed got turned into a time-resisting material with a time-consuming technique.

In the sixteenth century in art collections and in curiosity cabinets the collectors made a distinction between ’artificalia’, man-made objects and ’naturalia”, referring to objects of natural origin. Over the centuries this distinction has changed from time to time, has blurred or even become more pronounced. My works by their resemblance with nature-created objects evoke ideas on mimesis in art. In the photographs, I have placed the objects back into the hands that created them, which, through the specific human gestures, make the human presence visible in the creative process.



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