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Gesture jewellery x (un)limited freedom exhibition



The hybrid objects focus on the traditional function of jewelry, also addressing traditional artistic practices and the act of tracing. The exhibits are in transition between pieces of jewelry and art tools (brushes, pencils, pastels) that have become normative tools of artistic tracing over the centuries. The objects reinterpret the traditional forms of jewelry and art tools, keeping a certain distance from both. The shape of the objects invites the wearer/user to break the rules set by the pieces and to find alternative ways of wearing and holding them through uncommon forms of using the human body. The objects, however, make references to both the history of jewelry and of the history of art. In the case of the history of jewelry, the pieces may evoke signet rings (whose function is to trace). Regarding the history of art, the pieces make reference to the gesture painting in abstract expressionism, which encourages the freedom of expression of emotions through movement.


The installations created by Zsófia Ádám transform the exhibition space into a kind of imaginary landscape. The exhibited pieces are in a complex conceptual and formal relationship with each other, and also enter into a dialogue with the jewelry on display. The installations are based on basic shapes that are in positive-negative, complementary, or part-whole relation with each other, and reoccur in each object on a different scale, color or surface. The complementary colors used by the artist also reflect the colors of the exhibited jewelry, just as the painted metal colors of some installations evoke the material of the pieces of jewelry.

The dance performance and musical improvisation performed in the space defined by the installations and the jewelry, form integral part of the exhibition. At the opening of the exhibition, Dancer Ayumi Toyabe paints, draws and leaves marks on the surface of the installations using the exhibited pieces of jewelry, accompanied by Bálint Bolcsó's electronic musical improvisation. The jewelry, the installations and the exhibition space limit the dancer's possibilities and guide her movements. While improvisation gives freedom, the pieces of jewelry constantly require to revise the relationship between jewelry and the body: some movements are encouraged, others are made more difficult for the performer. After the performance act, the traces left on the installations capture the act of the performance, and pieces of jewelry are reinterpreted as tools of the performance.

UN)LIMITED FREEDOM a performative project by


Mária Roskó - jewellery design -


Zsófia Ádám - installation –


Bálint Bolcsó - live electronic music performance –


Ayumi Toyabe - contemporary dance performance -


video: Balázs Turós

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